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WHO are we?

Welcome to the Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism (EVAT) conference 2023. An interdisciplinary collaboration between The Civet Project and Fanimal, Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism merges research from anthrozoological and multi-species scholarship, with critical tourism studies and animal ethics to bring together researchers across disciplines with an interest in advocating for animals in touristic contexts.

Through scholarly research, collective problem solving, and ethical enquiry, we strengthen the bridge between "tourism academia" and "non-tourism academia". Specifically, we highlight fresh perspectives, emerging methodologies and innovative collaborative praxis to explore the role of animals in tourism whilst critically working towards more ethical human-animal interactions within the tourism and leisure space.



Our online conference is held over three days (March 8, 9 and 10, 2023)


EVAT will provide a forum for exploring the complexities involved between animals and humans within the context of tourism through organized presentations, lightning talks, workshops, and a range of progressive key note speakers from across the globe and across industry.

march 09


march 10


Podcast: coming soon

Check back here for podcast episodes about EVAT
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